How important is it to have your lawn taken care of?

What is the lawn for?

Every owner of a country house wants the house adjoining area to always have a neat and well-groomed appearance. Lawn functions Nowadays, the lawn is one of the main landscape elements. This is nothing but a horizontal basis for all other garden elements. After all, even the most familiar garden plants, placed on a well-kept ” green saucer “have a refined and stylish look. However, lawn functions are not limited to decoration, they contribute to the preservation of health, improve the environmental situation on the site, and also serve as an excellent resting place. This fashion came to us from England. It was the stiff and pedantic Englishmen who first came up with cutting the grass so that it would have a well-groomed and beautiful look. Over time, we all became so accustomed to even and neatly trimmed lawns that ordinary grass began to have a strange and unnatural appearance for us. If you’re looking for a lawn mowing Houston company, reviews showed that this company is a very authentic and hard working company that will get the job done.

The main functions of the lawn:

Sanitary-hygienic: is to clean the air of pollutants, microorganisms and sound absorption. It is based on the fact that the whole grass has a pronounced phytoncide action and helps purify the air from bacteria. In addition, it has an amazing ability to self-purification, since the site is only ten acres, it is able to bind more than sixty tons of soot, dust and significantly reduce the concentration of flour dust in the air, which is quite a powerful allergen. The advantages include high sound-absorbing abilities.

Health saving: it consists in producing oxygen and improving air quality, as well as in psychological relaxation. The main feature of oxygen produced by grass is to saturate it with negatively charged ions, which helps reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions and respiratory diseases, including bronchial asthma. It has a bright green color, and it has a beneficial effect on the state of the human psyche and can significantly reduce stress load.

The environmental function is to prevent soil erosion and water filtration. The roots have a high density and have a fibrous structure. They seem to hold the ground together and act as a natural filter for rainwater, thereby protecting it from erosion. Also, the lawn is able to retain and neutralize heavy metal salts, phosphates, and nitrates.

Climatic: based on the ability to humidify and cool the air. This can be compared with a powerful air conditioner because even in summer the temperature on the surface will always be lower by 5-8 degrees than the citywide temperature and 17 times lower than the temperature near concrete buildings.

Recreational: is the ability to relax on the surface. Grass picnics improve performance, help strengthen the nervous system, as well as social and family harmony.

Aesthetic is perhaps one of the most important functions, as the green lawn serves as an excellent decoration of the urban landscape.
Only at first glance, the device lawn seems difficult and troublesome, but even with minimal physical and material costs, he is able to please himself for many years.

Is it a good idea to pay for lawn care services for your property?

So, how to properly maintain the beauty of the lawn so that you do not have to invest forces and funds in a serious repair, doing only periodic cosmetic measures?

Lawn mowing

Regular haircut
Depending on the variety of plants and the purpose of the lawn, the height of the stand should be maintained at 4–10 cm. In the period of heavy rainfall, the lawn is usually cut once every 5 days, in dry weather – once every 7-12 days. It is best to cut the grass a little bit, not more than one-third of the plant. The desire to cheat and mow herbage less often, but in short will only lead to the elimination of nutrients from the soil and the deterioration of the lawn. It is also important to ensure that the blades of the lawnmower are sharp, otherwise, the tips of the leaves may begin to turn yellow. Houstonians have recommended an outstanding company that provides lawn services in Sugar land lawn services in the south part of Houston.

Uniform watering
The frequency of watering depends on the weather and the location of the site – in shady areas, the lawn can be watered less frequently, in those that are more often under direct sunlight. On average, the lawn needs watering every 2-10 days. Time for watering is best to choose the evening, then the water will have time to fully absorb before the appearance of bright sunlight. It is important to achieve a uniform, gradual hydration. In no case can not use a directed stream of water, only irrigation rain type. In this regard, automatic irrigation systems help to achieve the best result, using long-and small-drop irrigation.

Nutrients from the turf are constantly drawn by the plant, which is pruned. Without timely fertilization, the lawn becomes weak, which leads to its yellowing and the appearance of weeds. Usually, fertilizers are used 2-3 times a year or more often if necessary. It is very important to properly distribute the chemicals so that the granules fall to the ground, otherwise, the leaves can burn. The day before and two days after fertilizing the lawn is recommended to water.


Weed removal
Sometimes the feeding procedure is combined with the treatment of herbicides from weeds. Directional chemicals only inhibit broadleaf plants, minimally affecting the lawn grass. The mechanical method (weeding) is usually used to remove single weeds.

As the turf is exhausted, the lawn is covered with mulch – with a mixture of peat, sand, black soil and loam. This prevents drying of the soil, stimulates the growth of new shoots. It is recommended to combine with aeration – puncturing turf to improve air exchange.

Weeding and combing the lawn

Airing and combing
Aeration is usually carried out once a year, and even less often, then scarification (combing) – as needed, up to three times per season. With the help of a rake or garden equipment, the lawn is cleaned of old grass and debris. At the same time, the top layer of soil is loosened due to scratching.

Verticalization (bringing the stems into a vertical position) is recommended after heavy loads, for example, games during which the grass is crushed, and also before mowing. This helps to create a perfectly smooth surface.

The famous expression “beauty requires sacrifice” in the case of a lawn, of course, works. But, in fairness, it should be noted that the victims, in this case, are not so great. But as a reward you will receive a smooth elegant lawn, pleasing the eye from season to season.

The top reasons why you need to get lawn mowing services

Well maintained lawn is wonderful home decor. This not only increases the value of the house but also has many other benefits, from a scenic perspective to a truly healthy lifeUnfortunately, lawn care is not as easy as it seems. Maintaining the lawn, and turn it into a spectacle of beauty and magic is where pruning, addition, removal, selective growth, and other related tasks play. Sometimes, it is sometimes better to have a good lawn care service provider to take care of the lawn in your garden and do what is best for your lawn.lawn mowing requires a lot of planning and diligence in the early stages. First of all, you need to make sure that the soil is perfect for a healthy look in the garden. If not, buy the right kind of soil and make the soil fertile enough to keep all the plants. These are the basic factors that affect the whole lawn life and to solve these problems, you need an expert opinion. At this point, a professional lawn care team can help create a foundation for the beautiful grass. Keeping lawn in a safe place from harmful pests, insects and fungus is another important responsibility that requires special care services. Especially if lawns built near the house, special care must be taken to prevent plants and weeds from hosting harmful lesions. . There are a number of benefits associated with using a professional landscape lawn care specialist who remembers how to take care of the lawn for the best results. I was able to find the best lawn care just by searching yard maintenance near me, and was redirected to a local business that gave great pricing and services.

Here are some of the advantages of renting a professional, lawn mowing near me, Implement a care schedule in the right garden If you hire a landscaping company to take care of your home yard, you will want to prepare a regular table to cut the lawn. the lawn will look more attractive when cut at regular intervals, often occurring once a week or every two weeks in the summer months. This can be easily agreed with the specified lown mowing provider. Feed the lawn to get the best growth In addition to simply mowing and cutting the lawn according to the required schedule, the professional lawn care specialist will also consider fertilizing the lawn to help grow grass. Get the right tools and equipment If you have tried in the past to take care of the yard, you will learn about a number of different tools that are necessary to effectively maintain the lawn and plant life. By using the services of a garden care company, you effectively eliminate the need to invest in grass- based tools that are often expensive if you need a varied choice. In order to provide high-quality services, the landscaping contractor will be equipped not only with the reliable lawn mower but also with other electrical tools, such as cutting and chopping tools. Diagnosis and treatment of pests and diseases Another high-quality lawn service provided by the Professional Gardening Service is the diagnosis and treatment of any pests or plant diseases in the garden that may affect the overall growth of quality and quality. Since it is always wise to use caution when using pesticides or fungicides, you may want to leave this type of work to professionals who are very effective in eliminating the pests discovered in the garden. In conclusion, if you are able to leave the entire process to take care of lawn and plant life, you can release a lot of your own time, where you can spend some time relaxing in the yard, which is now in pure condition.