Is it a good idea to pay for lawn care services for your property?

So, how to properly maintain the beauty of the lawn so that you do not have to invest forces and funds in a serious repair, doing only periodic cosmetic measures?

Lawn mowing

Regular haircut
Depending on the variety of plants and the purpose of the lawn, the height of the stand should be maintained at 4–10 cm. In the period of heavy rainfall, the lawn is usually cut once every 5 days, in dry weather – once every 7-12 days. It is best to cut the grass a little bit, not more than one-third of the plant. The desire to cheat and mow herbage less often, but in short will only lead to the elimination of nutrients from the soil and the deterioration of the lawn. It is also important to ensure that the blades of the lawnmower are sharp, otherwise, the tips of the leaves may begin to turn yellow. Houstonians have recommended an outstanding company that provides lawn services in Sugar land lawn services in the south part of Houston.

Uniform watering
The frequency of watering depends on the weather and the location of the site – in shady areas, the lawn can be watered less frequently, in those that are more often under direct sunlight. On average, the lawn needs watering every 2-10 days. Time for watering is best to choose the evening, then the water will have time to fully absorb before the appearance of bright sunlight. It is important to achieve a uniform, gradual hydration. In no case can not use a directed stream of water, only irrigation rain type. In this regard, automatic irrigation systems help to achieve the best result, using long-and small-drop irrigation.

Nutrients from the turf are constantly drawn by the plant, which is pruned. Without timely fertilization, the lawn becomes weak, which leads to its yellowing and the appearance of weeds. Usually, fertilizers are used 2-3 times a year or more often if necessary. It is very important to properly distribute the chemicals so that the granules fall to the ground, otherwise, the leaves can burn. The day before and two days after fertilizing the lawn is recommended to water.


Weed removal
Sometimes the feeding procedure is combined with the treatment of herbicides from weeds. Directional chemicals only inhibit broadleaf plants, minimally affecting the lawn grass. The mechanical method (weeding) is usually used to remove single weeds.

As the turf is exhausted, the lawn is covered with mulch – with a mixture of peat, sand, black soil and loam. This prevents drying of the soil, stimulates the growth of new shoots. It is recommended to combine with aeration – puncturing turf to improve air exchange.

Weeding and combing the lawn

Airing and combing
Aeration is usually carried out once a year, and even less often, then scarification (combing) – as needed, up to three times per season. With the help of a rake or garden equipment, the lawn is cleaned of old grass and debris. At the same time, the top layer of soil is loosened due to scratching.

Verticalization (bringing the stems into a vertical position) is recommended after heavy loads, for example, games during which the grass is crushed, and also before mowing. This helps to create a perfectly smooth surface.

The famous expression “beauty requires sacrifice” in the case of a lawn, of course, works. But, in fairness, it should be noted that the victims, in this case, are not so great. But as a reward you will receive a smooth elegant lawn, pleasing the eye from season to season.