How important is it to have your lawn taken care of?

What is the lawn for?

Every owner of a country house wants the house adjoining area to always have a neat and well-groomed appearance. Lawn functions Nowadays, the lawn is one of the main landscape elements. This is nothing but a horizontal basis for all other garden elements. After all, even the most familiar garden plants, placed on a well-kept ” green saucer “have a refined and stylish look. However, lawn functions are not limited to decoration, they contribute to the preservation of health, improve the environmental situation on the site, and also serve as an excellent resting place. This fashion came to us from England. It was the stiff and pedantic Englishmen who first came up with cutting the grass so that it would have a well-groomed and beautiful look. Over time, we all became so accustomed to even and neatly trimmed lawns that ordinary grass began to have a strange and unnatural appearance for us. If you’re looking for a lawn mowing Houston company, reviews showed that this company is a very authentic and hard working company that will get the job done.

The main functions of the lawn:

Sanitary-hygienic: is to clean the air of pollutants, microorganisms and sound absorption. It is based on the fact that the whole grass has a pronounced phytoncide action and helps purify the air from bacteria. In addition, it has an amazing ability to self-purification, since the site is only ten acres, it is able to bind more than sixty tons of soot, dust and significantly reduce the concentration of flour dust in the air, which is quite a powerful allergen. The advantages include high sound-absorbing abilities.

Health saving: it consists in producing oxygen and improving air quality, as well as in psychological relaxation. The main feature of oxygen produced by grass is to saturate it with negatively charged ions, which helps reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions and respiratory diseases, including bronchial asthma. It has a bright green color, and it has a beneficial effect on the state of the human psyche and can significantly reduce stress load.

The environmental function is to prevent soil erosion and water filtration. The roots have a high density and have a fibrous structure. They seem to hold the ground together and act as a natural filter for rainwater, thereby protecting it from erosion. Also, the lawn is able to retain and neutralize heavy metal salts, phosphates, and nitrates.

Climatic: based on the ability to humidify and cool the air. This can be compared with a powerful air conditioner because even in summer the temperature on the surface will always be lower by 5-8 degrees than the citywide temperature and 17 times lower than the temperature near concrete buildings.

Recreational: is the ability to relax on the surface. Grass picnics improve performance, help strengthen the nervous system, as well as social and family harmony.

Aesthetic is perhaps one of the most important functions, as the green lawn serves as an excellent decoration of the urban landscape.
Only at first glance, the device lawn seems difficult and troublesome, but even with minimal physical and material costs, he is able to please himself for many years.